About Ghana Union


1979-2007: The Birth

GHANA UNION is an independent charity which was formed by the Ghanaian Chaplaincy in 1979 and registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales on 27th June 1980. The Chaplaincy itself was established by the Evangelical Presbyterian, the Presbyterian Churches of Ghana and the United Reformed Church of the United Kingdom to meet the spiritual needs of Ghanaians in the United Kingdom. As Ghanaian Chaplain between 1974 and 1984, Reverend Ben Tetteh soon realised that the welfare needs of Ghanaians could not be overlooked in his spiritual work. He therefore responded by turning an affiliation of Ghanaian groups into Ghana Union London.

On 10th October 2007, Ghana Union London incorporated as a company limited by guarantee and registered as a charity (number 1123393) under the name Ghana Union, dropping the word "London" from its name as it hopes to increase its outreach.

Objective of Ghana Union

Ghana Union is first and foremost an association of the Ghanaian community and voluntary groups and individuals (both Ghanaian and otherwise) who have the welfare of Ghanaians in the UK in general, at heart. Membership is also open to commercial organisations that want to support Ghanaians in the UK. Further information is available here on our membership page.

Our Aim

From its birth, Ghana Union's aims have been to relieve hardship and distress among Ghanaians and to advance the education of all in the social and cultural traditions of Ghana in order to preserve the 'Ghanaian Identity'. This is still true today and we ask for the support of the community to aid us to realise this.