Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The content below relates to queries and questions received by Ghana Union and will be constantly updated.

Are Ghana Union's executives paid for serving their community?

​The executives of Ghana Union all volunteer their time in order to ensure the effectiveness of Ghana Union. Most have full time jobs but wish to make a difference in their community and so they do what they can for the benefit of Ghana Union and their community.

Do I automatically qualify as a member of Ghana Union?

No. You must become a member of Ghana Union. For more information please see the Membership Page or click here.

What is Ghana Union all about?

Please see the About Us page or click here.

Was the former Chairman given a car by HRH Queen Elizabeth II?

​This is a fabricated story and we hope that this will be an end to the matter.

Why should I join Ghana Union?

Ghana Union is an organisation for Ghanaians in the Diaspora. It seeks to bring together the community and draw on its knowledge to create a stronger community identity. Joining Ghana Union is belonging to extended ​family.

I've heard negative things about Ghana Union.....​​​​​​​​​​​

The new executives of Ghana Union recognise that there is somewhat of a negative view of Ghana Union which has stood for some time in the community. We ask that you talk to us and help the new executives make a positive difference for all so that Ghana Union can finally shed the stigma against it.

​Please also bear in mind that the new executive is a new executive and needs your support.

I need to update Ghana Union with some changes.....

When you as an individual or corporate member have changes that you wish to update Ghana Union about, please use the Membership change form - please click here - which you can email back to us or pop it in the post.

I have some suggestions for Ghana Union.

Ghana Union are always interested to hear from the people that we aid so we are open and welcome your suggestions. Please email us at [email protected] or use the contact form on our 'Contact Us' page.

Is Ghana Union a political party or have political ties?

No, we are a non-partisan (mutual/non-political) organisation that only has the community's interest at heart.