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Membership of Ghana Union



Membership of Ghana Union is open to all Ghanaians.


Joining Ghana Union


To join Ghana Union, you will need to download a membership form - please click here.


​Once your form is complete, please send it back to Ghana Union via email or post.


Our address is 12 Finspace, 225-229 Seven Sisters Road, London N4 2DA.


Payment of membership fee


  • Pay online -  you can now pay online. Please select the suitable category and follow the required steps.


  • Pay with a cheque (made payable to Ghana Union) or postal order.


  • Pay into Ghana Union's account - please request these details by emailing us. If using this method, please be sure to inform us that you have done so.


Membership types


​We operate two levels of membership - Individual status and Corporate Member's (formerly Affiliated Groups) status.


​Individual memberships is £20 and Corporate membership is £60 (these rates are effective from January 2013).


Corporate membership is applicable to groups and associations and will only apply to the organisation itself.


Corporate Members participants will need to become individual members of the Union should they wish to enjoy the benefits of Ghana Union for themselves.


For further information regarding the benefits of the Union, please click here.


Members of Ghana Union


Due to Privacy and Data Protection laws, Ghana Union is bound to protect the information of its individual members.


The list of corporate members can be found here.