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22/11/14: 1st edition of Ghana Union Free Advisory Service


Ghana Union has launched a new Advisory Service which will bring professionals fortnightly to the Ghana Union office to provide advice and support to the community. Professionals will include: Solicitors, Health advisors, Financial advisors, Housing experts and more.


The service is will be hosted at the Ghana Union office so we urge you to please advise those you think may need free advice. See flyer for more information.


17/10/2014: Latest information on Ghana's Biometric Passports


The latest information from the Ghana High Commission Website:


"In compliance with ICAO(International Civil Aviation Organization) regulations and standards which stipulates that by November 2015 all non-biometric passports are to be phased out, passports issued by the Ghana High Commission and all passport issuing authorities for that matter would expire by the said date and hence would reflect the number of years and months from the date of issue"


Disclaimer: We cannot responsibility for information posted on external sites. The above is for information purposes only and can be found here: https://www.ghanahighcommissionuk.com/



19/07/2014: Celebration of Life service


Ghana Union hosted its 1st Celebration of Life service to commemorate Ghanaians who have lost their lives and celebrate Ghanaians in respect to Ghana's Republic Day.


It received a good attendance but we would hope to have more of the community there next year.






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